Any successful racing team is just that, a TEAM!

Everyone at the shop helped build the bike and helps with pre-race preparation tasks. This bike ran the entire first year, nearly 100 passes without failure.

Engine and clutch tuning decisions must be made at the track. Decisions must also be made regarding engine design and changes at the shop between races.  This rookie team has had unprecedented success in 2005 in the AHDRA National Championship.

Mark Venia rides the bike and assists the crew chiefs in everything that they do. There is a lot happening at a race and everyone has to pitch in and help.


Winner's Circle for the Dyno-Power Racing Team

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  After the first 2 races of the 2009 AHDRA National Drag Racing Championships, the Dyno-Power Drag Racing Team is leading the points chase.  Dyno-Power qualified #1 and won the first 2 races at St. Louis and Atlanta to secure a 22 point lead.  Ray Deselms and Paul Peer, both technicians at Dyno-Power, are the new tech crew that keeps the bike in top condition between rounds and races.  They are new to racing but everything runs so smooth at the track you would think they have been doing this for 10 years.  Next race is during Ohio Bike Week June 6th & 7th at Norwalk Dragway. 



In March of 2007 at Gainesville Raceway, the

Dyno-Power Racing Team became the

first Pro Stock Harley to run a 7 second pass

7.98 sec.

2005 Team Highlights

Won at the AHDRA World Finals in Las Vegas Nov. 12th & 13th. After defeating the current and last year's national champion in the semifinals to advance to the finals, the Dyno-Power Racing Team scored a win in the highly competitive Pro Modified class.

Finished 3rd Nationally and 3rd in the Eastern Division of the AHDRA

Made 8 passes (8.22 sec.) faster than the national ET record (8.25 sec.) that existed at the beginning of this year

Ran over 135 MPH in the eight mile and over 163 MPH in the quarter mile, which is faster than the current eighth mile and quarter mile MPH records (134 MPH & 162 MPH)

Won the Pro Reaction Time Contest 5 times out of 10 races

7 Top 5 Qualifying Positions out of 10 races

  • 1st at St. Louis
  • 2nd at Woodburn & Las Vegas
  • 3rd at Atlanta & Rockingham
  • 4th at Budds Creek
  • 5th at Norwalk

One of the top vote recipients for Pro Rookie Team of the Year in 2005

Rick Gunther & Stan Sawyer